JOB DESCRIPTION:  Patient Care Coordinator Assistant (to be filled in 2015)

LOCATION:  Gastonia/Hickory


Responsible for filling in for and assisting 2 Patient Care Coordinators in different offices. Will work on an as-needed basis in the Gastonia and Hickory 3 days each week. Responsible for all PCC duties in the assigned office: patient consults, surgery quotes, pre-op discussions and forms, chart review and completion, payment collection, surgery scheduling, telephone calls, patient pre and post surgery photos, consents, etc. Responsible for updating the photo books in each office and on each website. Additional duties will include such areas as patient follow up with calls, letters, emails; seminar planning; and other areas as assigned.

Must be available for early arrival and late days to coordinate with the surgery schedule.

Note: Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Medical Assistant/PRN

LOCATION:  Charlotte/Cotswold

Reports to: Nursing Supervisor / The Physician has total responsibility/accountability for the role of the medical assistant including training, validation of competencies, delegation, supervision and evaluation.


Schedules / performs procedures under the supervision of Physician and Nursing Supervisor. Assists physician in examinations and procedures. Instructs patients of their continued care. Responsible for maintaining clean, well equipped exam and or procedure rooms.


  1. Escort patients from waiting room to the exam / surgical room in a timely and courteous manner (bilingual).
  2. Assist Physician with various procedures and examinations in a plastic surgery office / surgical environment.
  3. Coordinate with clinical manager the ordering of medical supplies and maintains adequate inventory.
  4. Sterilizes and stocks all instruments according to accepted office guidelines and AAAASF regulations.
  5. Cleans / mops operating rooms after each procedure as assigned.
  6. Telephones in prescriptions as directed by Physicians.
  7. Provides telephone calls to patients regarding test results.       Provides follow-up information to patients as directed by Physician. Documents all conversations and prescriptions called in on a daily basis.
  8. Updates patient charts with current medical information.
  9. Ensures patient exam rooms are fully stocked, organized and clean at all times.
  10. Organizes patient flow through the assigned area.
  11. Collects patient history, problems, exam preparation, specimens and lab work.
  12. Completes patient forms as necessary.
  13. Maintains patient confidentiality.
  14. Obtains pertinent benefits / insurance authorizations prior to Physician performing surgical procedures on patient for those procedures performed at Gaston Memorial Hospital or Gaston Ambulatory Surgery.
  15. Ensures compliance with OSHA and HIPAA regulations.


Performs other tasks as deemed necessary by Physician, Nursing Supervisor and/or Practice Administrator.


Certification or license as a Medical Assistant, Nurse Aide or Surgical Technician.

Note: Nothing in this job description restricts management’s right to assign or reassign duties and responsibilities to this job at any time.

 JOB DESCRIPTION: Registered Nurse (OR)

JOB SUMMARY: Position requires working out of 4 clinics within the practice.

Must possess the ability and knowledge to perform in a operating room, recovery room, and clinic setting. Responsible for adhering to all standards of surgical and post-anesthesia nursing care. Provide nursing care to patients before, during, and after surgery or surgical procedures. Serves as the patient educator. Collaborates with the medical staff and other members of the health care team to provide patient care.


 EDUCATION:  High School Diploma, Graduate of an Accredited Registered Nursing Program, successful completion of NCLEX.

 EXPERIENCE:  Minimum of one year of work experience as RN with operating room experience.

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STATEMENT OF DUTIES:  Assists in the delivery of primary heath care and patient management and supervises clinical staff.

EDUCATION:  High School Diploma, Graduate of an Accredited Registered Nursing Program, successful completion of NCLEX.

EXPERIENCE:  Minimum of one year of work experience as RN with operating room experience.

WORKING CONDITIONS:  Works in a fast-paced, well-lit, comfort controlled medical office.  High traffic area.  Work may be stressful.  Interaction with others may be constant and interruptive.  Occasional irregular hours.  Frequent exposure to communicable disease, toxic substances, medical preparations, and other conditions common to a clinic environment.

PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  Requires full range of body motion including handling and lifting patients, manual and finger dexterity, and eye-hand coordination.  Involves substantial standing and walking. Vision should be correctable and hearing discernible to telephone/paging contacts.

PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS:  Ability and knowledge to perform medical assistant care.  Knowledge of examination, diagnostic, treatment room procedures and recovery room procedures.  Knowledge of medical equipment and instruments to administer patient care.    Ability to react calmly and effectively in emergency situations.  Ability to interpret, adapt, and apply guidelines and procedures.  Knowledge of common safety hazards and precautions to establish a safe work environment.  Skill in assisting in a variety of treatments and medications as directed.  Skill in taking vital signs.  Skill in maintaining records and recording test results.  Skill in developing and maintaining department quality assurance.  Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with physicians, patients, employees, and the public. Ability to effectively supervise other clinical staff and assign responsibilities appropriately. Possess good written and verbal communication skills. Always presents a professional image.  Ability to do detailed and accurate work.  Utilize time management skills.  Answer telephone in a professional manner.  Read, understand, and follow oral and written instruction.  Recognize, evaluate, solve problems, and correct errors.  Maintain productivity and work independently.


 Patient Care

1) Responsible for assisting the physician(s) in the care of patients to assure optimal medical care.

a)         Keeps appointments flowing smoothly to assure all patients are seen timely, and the physician’s time is well-managed

b)         Posts daily patient schedule and keeps physician(s) informed of appointments

c)         Greets and escorts patients to treatment room

d)         Takes patient’s history.  This includes but not limited to chief complaint, family history, and drug allergies

e)         Reviews patient information and education with patient before physician enters treatment room

f)         Prepares patients for exam/procedure

g)         Assists (as trained) physician(s) in the exam/procedure

*h)        Responsible for patient education:

– distributes pamphlets and samples

– gives care instructions verbally

– provides instruction sheets

– answers patient’s questions

*i)        Gives injections/local anesthesia

*j)        Applies dressing changes and performs suture removals

k)         Promptly responds to any intercom call and/or any physicians’ request

l)          Observes sterilization guidelines

m)        Prepares treatment room for next patient (includes cleaning, stocking, and instruments ready)

n)         Responds to emergency situations confidently and professionally

o)         After exam/procedures checks chart and charge sheets for accuracy and completeness before directing patients to front desk

p)         Assists in scheduling follow-up appointments

q)            Recover patients from surgery as needed; circulate in OR as needed

*Performs these Essential Functions only under a physician’s direction.


1)         Responsible for performing basic laboratory procedures and maintaining the laboratory

a)      Performs appropriate diagnostic lab procedures

b)                  Records accurate and complete patient information on laboratory requisition forms, specimen and  blood containers, and log book

c)      Ensure specimens are in containers and handled properly

d)                 Timely processes pathology reports, (CLIA-including checking computer for report entry/results)

e)      Sterilizes instruments using autoclave; wraps, and labels sterile packs

f)       Conducts quarterly inventory of surgical instruments

g)      Assures lab equipment is maintained functional at all times

h)                  Works in conjunction with lab histotech to maintain laboratory in compliance with CLIA regulations

Triage / Patient-Call (as assigned)

*1) Responsible for handling by phone or mail questions and requests from patients regarding their medical care.

a)     Promptly receives and responds to incoming phone calls/mail

b)     Answers questions and requests regarding follow-up care, prescriptions, laboratory results, etc.

c)     Documents all questions, requests, and answers in charts

d)     Maintains a clean and organized work area

e)     Contacts patients to explain diagnosis of skin cancer, other abnormalities, and set up surgery

f)     Informs doctors of blood work / pathology reports and abnormalities

g)     Screens calls for physician(s) as appropriate

h)     Reviews blood/lab (biopsy) reports with other medical assistants and staff as appropriate

i)      Sends out as appropriate copies of pathology and blood reports, etc. to patients and their physician(s) as requested

j)      Daily copies patient-call notes for transcriptionist

Regular Attendance is Required.


1)        Must attend staff meetings and in-service programs.

2)        Keeps up-to-date on all pertinent information affecting job and patient care.

3)        Maintains patient confidentiality.

4)        Maintains accurate, complete, and timely patient records.

5)        Charts in medical records as appropriate.

6)        Monitors drug samples and sales people.

-Assures drug reps do not stock unassisted

-Regularly organizes drug shelf

-Disposes of expired drug samples

7)        Responsible for making sure crash cart is maintained.

8)        Maintains a clean and safe work area.

9)        Remains in compliance with OSHA-Bloodborne Pathogen Standard guidelines including universal precautions, personal protective equipment, and housekeeping, etc.

10)       Remains in compliance with OSHA/Hazardous Communication Standard guidelines and Clinic Laboratory Improvement Act Standards.

11)       Takes pictures of patient’s conditions as requested by physician.

12)       Maintains prepared sterile packs and transets.

13)       Fills liquid nitrogen bottles as necessary.

14)       Assures treatment rooms are clean and stocked (supplies, pamphlets, etc.)

15)       Performs other duties as requested.

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