Piedmont Plastic Surgery & Dermatology now includes a in-house dermatopathology lab to aid in the diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring of various dermatological conditions.


David Guillen, MD, our dermatopathologist and medical director of the laboratory, is board-certified by the American Board of Pathology both in anatomic and clinical pathology (AP/CP) and in dermatopathology. Click here to learn more about Dr. Guillen.

Dr. Guillen and his clinical lab staff are committed to providing the physicians and patients they serve with accurate, timely diagnostic results and are available for consultation when questions arise.

What is Dermatopathology?

Dermatologists are trained to recognize most skin diseases based on their appearance, anatomy, and behavior. Sometimes, however, to conclusively determine a diagnosis the physician must perform a skin biopsy to be further examined on a microscopic level, which is where the role of the dermatopathologist comes in.

Dermatopathology is a sub-specialty of dermatology and pathology that focuses on the histopathologic analysis of skin. Pathologists and dermatopathologists are physicians that are trained to observe cells on a microscopic level, synthesize the data, and diagnose the disorder. This microscopic diagnosis provides the clinician with information that is often essential to selecting an appropriate treatment plan. Examples of these cases involve diagnoses of various skin conditions including skin cancers and rashes.

With the diagnostic expertise of of our subspecialty-focused dermatopathologist and group of experienced histotechnologists, our dermatopathology team provides efficient and reliable results for our patients including:

  • Gross and microscopic examination of skin, mucosa, hair, and nails
  • Extensive immunohistochemistry and special stains menu
  • Personalized, local service
  • Rapid turn-around time
  • Daily courier service to transport specimens to our lab