General dermatology is an umbrella term that covers the full spectrum of skin, hair, and nail disorders, from the most benign and common, to the most obscure or severe. Dermatologists undergo rigorous training and examinations in order to become board certified by the American Board of Dermatology. In addition, they must complete a demanding 4-year residency program.

The best dermatologists are sensitive and compassionate to their patients’ complex emotions, as skin conditions can come with much stigma and social discomfort. They must also be highly experienced, offering innovative solutions ranging from the pharmaceutical to the surgical. Clients of all ages, backgrounds and skin types see dermatologists, as taking excellent care of one’s skin is a lifelong commitment.

Common skin issues treated by a dermatologist include:

  • acne
  • athlete’s foot
  • cysts
  • dermatitis
  • dry skin
  • eczema
  • facial scarring
  • fungal infections
  • hair loss
  • hives
  • keratosis
  • moles
  • nail fungus
  • parasitic infections
  • pigmentation irregularities
  • precancerous and cancerous growths
  • psoriasis
  • rashes
  • rosacea
  • signs of aging
  • skin allergies
  • sun spots and sun damage
  • warts

Treatment for your individual condition is typically decided by you and your doctor after a consultation, during which a full medical examination of your symptoms and inquiry into your previous dermatology visits takes place. Below is a partial list of the most common treatment options:

  • Anti-aging procedures, including dermal fillers, laser treatments, and surgery
  • Oral or topical medications
  • Mohs micrographic surgery for certain skin cancers
  • Light or laser therapy

Preventative procedures:

  • Patch testing – A great way to diagnose skin allergies
  • Mole mapping – We use this approach to watch for signs of skin cancer
  • Personal skincare regimen – Your dermatologist can create a personalized skincare routine that includes products for cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing
  • Light therapy – This can aid in treating precancerous growths

The PPSD approach

When you choose PPSD as your primary skincare provider, whether for mole removal in Charlotte NC, or any dermatology need, you not only gain access to some of the most skilled and respected dermatologists in the nation, you also benefit from our integrated team of plastic surgeons. Together, they can create a comprehensive treatment plan to address all aspects of a particular issue or condition. Our dermatologists works seamlessly with our cosmetic surgeons to provide outstanding care in the field of anti-aging, mohs reconstruction, hair loss and laser treatments, just to name a few of our specializations. For skin cancer patients, we partner with our highly trained Mohs surgeons in all of our offices to provide the utmost in teamwork and cutting treatment for your skin cancer.

Our facilities

Treatments take place in our state-of-the-art outpatient facilities, accredited by the AAAASF. We are proud to offer the most advanced, cutting edge technology and equipment, adhering to the highest standards of safety, cleanliness and compliance. In addition to diagnosis and treatment, our dermatologists offer ongoing educational opportunities to help patients increase their knowledge about skincare. PPSD doctors regularly attend industry conferences and seminars in order to stay abreast of the latest trends and discoveries in the field, which allows us to deliver the most innovative skincare solutions available today.

What sets us apart

Personalized attention at PPSD is a given. Our dermatologists understand that like you, your skin is one-of-a-kind and deserves a unique, customized approach, from diagnosis all the way to recovery. You will find that your skincare doctor is a keen listener, eager to set you at ease and answer any questions you may have in confidence.

Getting started on your skincare journey

We offer discreet consultations in the warmth and comfort of our beautiful Charlotte, NC based office suites, with additional locations in Gastonia, Shelby and Hickory. Our conscientious and courteous staff members are dedicated to ensuring your privacy, and will always go the extra mile to meet each patient’s discretionary needs.