Heavy, pendulous breasts can lead to a host of problems ranging from back, neck and shoulder pain to inflamed, chafed skin. The excess weight and associated pain can make everyday activities like playing sports or caring for one’s children daunting tasks. Disproportionately large breasts may also take a toll emotionally, causing depression, fatigue and self-consciousness.

Breast reduction surgery is performed by removing excess skin, glandular tissue, and fat in order to reshape the chest so it is more proportionate to the rest of the body. During the procedure, additional issues such as breast symmetry and nipple placement can also be addressed. The outcome is not only a more aesthetically pleasing silhouette, but also a vast improvement in physical comfort and quality of life.

The ideal candidate for a breast reduction…

  • has breasts that are fully developed
  • is not planning on getting pregnant or breastfeeding
  • is experiencing pain, chafing or fatigue from excess breast weight
  • is experiencing restricted movement due to overly large breasts
  • has breasts that may be asymmetrical
  • has nipples or areolas that are uncommonly low
  • is in good health, both mentally and physically
  • has reasonable expectations for improvement rather than perfection

Choosing the best breast reduction surgeon

Charlotte, NC patients seeking a doctor with a winning combination of expert training, experience and professionalism need look no further. PPSD’s team of accomplished, board-certified plastic surgeons in Charlotte NC offer superior outcomes for every procedure they perform, along with a compassionate, customized approach that puts the individual first. Because we have so many qualified doctors to choose from, patients are able to select a surgeon who truly complements their needs and personality.

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Getting started with your breast reduction

Each procedure begins with a private consultation in the warmth of one of our comfortable, modern offices. Your doctor will meet with you in Charlotte, Gastonia, Hickory, Cornelius, Denver, or Shelby to go over your medical records, take your measurements, look at before and after photos with you, and answer any questions or concerns you may have about your procedure. Before you leave, you should have clear expectations about every stage of your breast reduction surgery, leaving you calm, hopeful and excited.

What is involved during surgery?

Depending on the position of your breasts before surgery and your unique anatomy, the doctor will chose one of two primary options. In almost all of the different approaches, the nipple remains attached to your breast tissue (it is not removed and replaced) to maximize sensation and appearance.

Periareolar breast reduction

For mild breast reduction, the periareolar approach may be most appropriate. This utilizes an incision that is limited to the circumference of the areola. While this technique is limited in its ability to lift the breast, it can be effective for select patients with good skin tone and who require moderate reduction.

Vertical breast reduction

This approach limits the incisions to the around the nipple and extending vertically from the nipple to the inframammary fold. This approach is used more commonly for moderately large breasts. Your surgeon will be able to review the options in detail with you after an examination to choose the best procedure for you.

Standard (Wise pattern) breast reduction

This approach is used most commonly and is useful for women with large and very large breasts. The resulting scar is in the shape of an anchor and allows for breast reshaping along with significant reductions in breast tissue and skin. A marked improvement in shape and size can be achieved with both approaches.

After determining the best option, your surgeon will remove excess glandular tissue, fat and skin from the breasts, recontouring them for a more pleasing and proportionate look. In some cases, he or she will opt to use liposuction to achieve the best results. The nipple and areola are repositioned at a higher level, after which the incisions are sutured as inconspicuously as possible.

Recovering from breast reduction surgery

Following your procedure, the doctor will dress your breasts with gauze and may prescribe a surgical bra to facilitate proper healing. Pain medications will be given to ensure your greatest comfort during recovery. Swelling, tenderness and bruising is natural and will subside in the weeks to come. While you may return to most activities within several days, Charlotte, NC breast reduction patients are advised to avoid strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for at least 2-4 weeks post-op.